Tiger Energy has successfully position itself as an established and reliable one-stop energy supplier.



Tiger Energy Trading is the interface between the source and user for coal and energy. We build long term partnership through mitigating risks and maximization of benefits between miners and users and at the same time respecting and protecting other stakeholders’ rights and expectations.

We shares many common corporate goals in terms of value generation driven by the underlying principle of cooperation marked by a spirit of partnership. This would involve long-term collaborations based on Teamwork, Integrity, Glocalization, Enthusiasm and Reliability.

The interface between the source
and user for coal and energy


Over the years, our mine assets and our partnerships with other miners have enabled Tiger Energy to develop a remarkable physical presence into International coal trading markets. In addition to our current reliable product brands and established mining and logistics infrastructures, we are able to provide our customers with a broader spectrum of product choices and services with more value-adding opportunities.


Coupled with our own production mine and diverse sources, we are able to provide our customers with a reliable and dependable long-term continuous supply of consistent quality products. One of our greatest assets is the low sulphur content in all our product.

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We give priority to developing long term partnerships with our supply sources and clients. Our team consists of seasoned experts predominantly from the mining, trading and finance sectors. Tiger Energy is today a trusted and experienced provider of reliable quality coal and solutions to global industry users. we have developed range of quality specifically demanded by different industries and feature best-of-breed source for leading coal users. Our business solution is continuously managed and monitored by our in-house technical and quality expertise working jointly with independent laboratories and quality consultants.


At Tiger Energy, we believe in generating maximum benefits from our combined assets. Using infrastructures and technologies developed specifically for the coal industry, these resource developments and sharing are aimed at improved asset performance of all our business partners.

With a holistic view of developing the most efficient operation bolstered by a thorough life cycle and value chain cost analyses, we provide business partners with a range of asset management and optimization solutions. These range from industry benchmarking to customized asset optimization solutions that address some of the industry’s most perplexing issues relating to:

Dependability of supply source
Reliability of Quality
Logistic support
Information Technology
Financial resources
Benchmarking and pricing mechanism
Safety, health and environmental (SH&E) concerns


Tiger Energy understands an idea is an opportunity only if it has a chance to succeed. We believe in exploring every idea and evaluate them to decide if they are true business opportunities for us.

We would like to share our ideas with you and If you have an idea, we can help you crystalize them into opportunities and determine the best direction for expanding into these new areas of opportunities.

By adding value to existing products and services or identifying gaps that have been overlooked, we can develop more beneficial business partnership.

In generating ideas and Identifying opportunities, we continuously review and assess our own internal Skills and Strengths, regular update on business trends and developments, responsive to changes in market demand and buying pattern, especially when responding to changes in governmental regulations.