Working closely with the production source and the end buyer to ensure maximum value extraction from assets as well as efficiently providing timely and accurate market information essentially demanded by our partners.



With over 10 years of experience supplying Indonesian coal to leading markets in Asia, Tiger Energy offers solutions for market access to assist and create value added to various groups of clients. We have developed our understanding and depth expertise to manage customer’s needs through our hands on and direct relationship with end users and business partners in the industry.

Tiger Energy provides full range of services, including chartering service, asset optimization, risk management option, as well as, supply and logistics services to support our physical trading on different basis. These services will facilitate the entry to new market, assist the expansion and enhance profitability for our client.

Our chartering and logistic services are key to improve cost efficiency and increase competitive in coal trading business. Meanwhile, risk management, including hedging tools and counterparty assessment, is crucial in protecting downside and maintaining the health of the business.

Tiger Energy believes either individual or full range of provided services will increase the success chance for entering to new market. We are open and flexible to work with our client to develop new strategy or partnership to expand coal trading activity through experience and strength sharing


Tiger Energy provides competitive freight and suitable transportation to serve our client’s preference. Due to different requirement from our clients, we involve and manage the fixing ranging from barge to Cape size vessel to every part in Asia. We engage with reputable and reliable owners with sufficient pool of good rated vessels to assure quality of delivery service for our counterparty. We are keen to develop new route
from new origin or to new destination.

Tiger Energy has built up our reputation for reliability and on-time delivery with our client of our chartering service as we can well manage load port scheduling and meet requirements of preferred shipping terms and conditions.

With our long term experience, we can help our client to manage freight exposure through freight derivatives or lock in competitive freight costs for better profitability.


Tiger energy handles physical delivery from loading origin until our client’s designated location for over 10 million tons annually via our efficient vessel and logistic pool and scheduling software. Our team is hand-on and proactive to provide solutions to impacts due to changes in rule and regulation. We work around the clock to ensure the punctuality and minimal demurrage for our clients.

Under the circumstance of regular change in policy in Indonesia, lack of adequate logistic infrastructure and climate, Indonesia coal business is of strategic importance to maintaining good reputation of quality product and logistics. This is to stand out in performance and assure the confidence in our coal to our clients.


Tiger energy develops our view and market analytical capability through our substantial and insightful first and second-hand information. First-hand information is crucial and mainly obtained from the depth in expertise and information exchange with direct players in physical markets. Second-hand information is from various intuitive sources of publications, news and papers from local and global institutes.

With this solid market analysis and advantages of insights gained from years of experience in physical market, Tiger energy could structure transactions around a range of linked hedging strategies to protect downside for our selling prices.

We pursue to look for and convert opportunities of market fluctuation and pricing volatility into revenue advantages. Our view is not limited only to coal business, but multi-energy commodity, including oil, gas, coal and carbon.


Tiger energy has depth understanding in the value chain of coal business from upstream mining, quality control, midstream logistics and supply, different basis of cargo delivery and value added to our marketing and trading activity. Based on the breadth of our activities, we cover the overall aspects of the business as producer, supplier, trader, service provider, end user and stakeholder for environmental management.

Our expertise, business model and optimization activities with our mines combined give us capability to accurately evaluate the short to long-term valuation of production or assets and identify overlooked opportunity in different scenario and markets.

We can optimize, as well as, enhance value of assets by using the advantages from our substantial demand base, competitive freight, hedging services and financial tools.

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